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Christopher Silverburg (2263-2301?, Age 38): Original personality. First created to be used as a test subject involving projects that need somebody capable of using Control, he was eventually taken in by his parents to become the heir to Persephone. Things backfired when Christopher was ten and all fifty personalities involved in the synthetic-human transfer process and the prison system were downloaded into his brain. Twenty personalities were destroyed by Mordecai, one of Christopher's main personalities, to keep Christopher's sanity intact. After that incident, the control chip was placed into his neck and created Chicago, a mix of the remaining thirty personalities that helped Christopher in the Operators project.

Mordecai Hunter [Andrea "Athena" Blake] (2247-2278, Age 31): Mordecai Hunter is one of the best con artists in the world. Charismatic and manipulative, he's able to trick people into trusting him enough so he can sneak in and steal their most valuable possessions. That is, if Mordecai actually existed. In fact, he's actually a she and her real name is Andrea Blake, Christopher's maternal aunt. Codenamed Athena, she and her sister Pandora were tasked with watching Jonathan Silverburg to see if he would damage the fragile balance of the world. He was, but she had fell in love with the man and knew that his plan was to fix the world. It would end up falling onto Pandora to "fix" this balance and instead became Jonathan's wife while having Athena imprisoned and eventually killed.

Joshua Knight (2205-2235, Age at imprint 25): One of the survivors of the Automata Rebellion, Joshua lost both his parents and his hearing and sight. At that same time, Joshua became mute, learning sign language to communicate with the rest of the world. Taken in by a cyborg cult and given replacement eyes and ears, he was raised to believe humans are nothing more than meat and the only way to not be meat is to replace their own bodies with robotic replacements. Joshua warped their principles and thought that the only way to get rid of the meat of the world was to eat them. He became a serial killer, finding and eating humans with the least amount of robotic replacements he could find. His killing spree lasted for five years before being arrested and eventually killed at the age of thirty.

Jonathan Silverburg (2245-2301?, Age at imprint 22): Originally yet another cog in the megacorporation machine, Jonathan had an average life until a near fatal accident caused him to activate his power of Control and save his life. Finding that he could use this power to stop the megacorporations from slowly suffocating humanity, he became a corporate spy for hire, finding and selling secrets on them until he was caught and arrested. He would later be released and took the name of Jonathan Chance, the name he would live under as he created Persephone, his own megacorporation, to destroy the others.

Nathaniel Algren [Syn Ziggy Algren] (2136-2174?, Age at imprint 35): Nathan was the team leader of the metal jockey team Starbright, along with being a security guard at a megacorporation. At some point during the war against the Void, Nathan gained psionic abilities and was to be hunted down and killed. Hiding his wife Kayla and their child, Nathan eventually downloaded his mind into his synthetic Ziggy to escape the hold of the megacorporations. As Ziggy, Nathan would create a group of assassins and ninjas who could use their powers to help keep the Void in check and make sure the world was kept in balance. Then the synthetic-human transfer process came into law and Nathan was transferred into a new human body.

Dr. Jonathan Kane

Ethan Rowland (1987-2015?, Age 28): Ethan was a genius and was well on his way to being the founder of the next big internet site when he was hit with a disease that had no cure yet. He chose to be cryogenically frozen in the hope that one day there would be a cure. His frozen body would be moved around to different companies and eventually fell into the hands of Jonathan Silverburg, who was able to revive him, but the disease was unable to be stopped and Jonathan had no choice but to upload Ethan's mind into Christopher until a replacement body could be found for him, which would never happen. A genius hacker who was taught about the current technology and was just as good as breaking into their systems as his original time's technology, he's the first personality to be placed into Christopher and a bane to the others with his knowledge of twenty first century pop culture.

Luke Salas

Alexander Harding

Brandon Frost

Max Faulkner
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a. Christopher- The shy young son of a megacorporation's CEO and an assassin. Is far braver and smarter than he acts most of the time.

1. Mordecai- One of the best con artists in the world. (Is one of the two base personalities of Chicago. Jonathan is the other.)
2. Sam- Serial killer.
3. Alexander- Car thief.
4. Benji- Pickpocket.
5. Jonathan- Corporate spy. (father's personality)
6. James (Jamie)- A Senator caught stealing money from the government.
7. Michael- Stalker.
8. Edward- Rapist.
9. Alan- Movie star turned drug user.
10. Zeke- Drug dealer.
11. Luke- Bodyguard turned murderer.
12. Victor- Member of the Russian mafia.
13. Darius- Murdered his wife who cheated on him.
14. Max- Soldier who deserted.
15. David- Anti-corporation protester.
16. Rick- Cut up his girlfriend when he thought she cheated on him.
17. Arthur- Kidnapper.
18. Andrew- Art forger.
19. Kane- Skilled surgeon who sold organs on the black market.
20. Brandon- Arms dealer.
21. Bill- Canadian.
22. Jason- Regicide.
23. Tim- Caught cheating on his rich wife.
24. Joshua- cannibal serial killer.
25. Matthew- Arsonist.
26. Ethan- Hacker who got into the computers of a megacorporation.
27. Noah- Blackmailed a megacorporation CEO.
28. Jayden- Embezzlement.
29. Lucas- Killed his parents and baby sister.
30. Evan- Helped his wife commit suicide.

Disk One
3. Alexander
4. Benji
8. Edward
11. Luke
17. Arthur

Disk Two
1. Mordecai
5. Jonathan
13. Darius
19. Kane
24. Joshua

Disk Three
6. James (Jamie)
7. Michael
21. Bill
22. Jason
26. Ethan

Disk Four
9. Alan
12. Victor
14. Max
16. Rick
30. Evan

Disk Five
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The Chicago bombings was the worst terrorist attack taking place on US soil since the attacks on 9/11. Hundreds of thousands of citizens had bombs strapped to their bodies as they went to work that day and then set them off, destroying all of downtown Chicago before he showed up on every radio station, television channel, and computer screen on the planet.

I remember it clearly, that broadcast. I was walking to the Persephone offices, when he showed up on the large screen above the city. Bleach blond spikey hair, blue eyes, resting in a chair comfortably, his suit slightly messy as if he had slept in it. He didn't look victorious or happy about this, instead it looked like he was sad, that he didn't want to do this.

"Good morning, people of the world," he started, speaking softly with an Australian accent. "As you may or may not know, I have destroyed all of downtown Chicago. I'm not here to threaten you or wish for you to die. No, no, there'd be no point if I just wanted to kill."

He sat up, his expression turning serious. His body language had changed completely from just a moment ago.

"I want you to remember. Everybody forgets and they help you to, but you know what, Persephone?
I remember everything. And I won't forgive you."

After that, the world changed. The people were thrown into a panic and that man never showed his face again. At least, not to the public.

"London, let me shoot him!"

There he was, right in front of me was the Chicago bomber. He was on the ground holding his hands up in fear, with London standing in front of him, blocking my shot. How could she protect him, after what he did?

"Nile, put the gun down! He's harmless." She turned her back to me and knelt down, pulling him into a hug. "It's okay, Lemuria, everything will be fine."

Lemuria? Wasn't that the name of one of the Persephone prototypes? I lowered my gun, but didn't put it away. I'd trust London for now, but I didn't want her to get attacked by the man she was hugging.

"He might be harmless, but I'm not," a slightly familiar voice from behind me said. I turned around quickly and saw what looked like an older Amazon standing there, pointing a gun at me. "Now be a good boy and drop that gun before I end up accidentally killing you."

I dropped my gun and heard the sound of two people walking up behind me, London putting a hand on my shoulder as Lemuria walked over to the other.

"Moscow, he'll come along without a fight. Let's just take him to where Amazon, Los Angeles, and London are."

The last name made me pause and look over at London, who seemed almost blank.


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